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With some pride - if I may say - information about our ancestors have finally been published on the Internet.
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Pier Gerlofs Donia, Grand Pier (Frisian: Grutte Pier, spelling 1980 Greate Pier) (Kimswerd, ca. 1480 - Sneek, October 28, 1520) was a Frisian warlord, freedom fighter and folk hero. Pier enjoys the reputation of a legendary warrior and an important historical figure in the history of Friesland and is therefore included in the Canon of Friesland. In various sources are attributed to him a gigantic stature and superhuman strength. Pier and his cousin Wijerd Jelckama were the leaders of the rebel army Arumer Zwarte Hoop (Gelderland Frisians) at the Second Siege of Medemblik in 1517.

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